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​Broadford Limited was founded to deliver high-quality innovation intelligence services through world-leading academic knowledge and state-of-art industrial practice. With his colleagues with education and management background, Broadford has been developing its services for data-driven research, intensive training, professional education and consultancy in the industrial area of manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical, ICT, energy, logistics and environment.


Company Name: Broadford Limited


Headquarters: Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Establishment: January 2017

Business: Market research, training, education and consultancy in the field of strategy, technology, innovation and management

Areas of Expertise: Manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical, ICT, energy, logistics and environment

Main Bank: Mizuho Bank


To be a boutique innovation intelligence firm of excellence, dedicated and close to our clients, with national and international prestige in the field of strategy, technology, innovation and management


  • We are committed to deliver high-quality innovation intelligence services that exceed our clients’ desires, while motivating our colleagues with creativity and innovation and reward their accomplishments.

  • We are a corporate entity that integrates environment, governance and sustainability into our business and contributes to national and international industrial development.

  • We work in partnership with world-leading academic research institutes and relevant bodies in industry and government to provide cutting-edge insights, bridging between academic research and industrial knowledge.



Being honest, transparent and having strong moral principles

Passion for Clients

Being dedicated and close to our clients


Having competencies, skills and polite behaviour and being responsible and accountable


Motivating colleagues and providing purpose and direction


Trusting and encouraging each other, no matter what circumstances

Proactive and Innovative

Being open, creative and collaborative, while having strong research with preparations for idea generation

Speed and Quality

Focusing on precision while implementing and improving activities in a timely and effective manner


  • R&D and pipeline trend and analysis

  • AI start-up trend and analysis

  • Regulatory trend in emerging technologies (US and EU region)

  • Research on emerging technologies and related products

  • Specific technology trend research and analysis

  • Product research and analysis

  • Policy R&D and product case studies (US, UK and Germany)

  • Market trend, competitor trend and market size forecasting

  • Technology-intensive market trend research and analysis, business trend research and corporate questionnaire preparation

  • Support for technical assessment and characterization in international technology transfer and technical cooperation projects

  • Strategic planning for overseas companies' entry into the Japan market, introduction of business partners, and support for business negotiations

  • International procurement trend research and analysis

  • Case study of industry-government-academia collaboration

  • Translation of technical manuals and technical papers

  • Transcription and summary writing of technical lectures

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