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Our diverse areas of expertise are designed to fit the changing needs of your project


  • Manufacturing

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Medical

  • ICT

  • Energy

  • Logistics

  • Environment


  • Market need and trend research, analysis and characterisation

  • Competitor research and analysis

  • Market scenario and growth analysis

  • Technology and R&D trend and benchmarking research and analysis

  • Patent research and analysis


  • Management, market, business and technology strategy development and action planning

  • Business modelling and potential evaluation

  • Technology assessment



  • Theme-specific lecture, training and workshop

  • In-house consulting

  • In-depth interview, focus group, expert insight and case study

  • Moderation and facilitation

  • Summary report writing and presentation

  • Translation and interpretation

Research/Consultancy Service Procedures

Step 1: Project Planning


We schedule an initial meeting with you to discuss the history, background and current situation of your business(es). We conduct a preliminary study where appropriate and then define and prioritise issues and needs for a potential project engagement.

Step 2: Proposal and Contract


We prepare a proposal, based on the issues and needs prioritised in Step 1, for your consideration. In the proposal, we include outline, concept, objectives, workflow and goals as hypothesises, together with most appropriate researchers and consultants selected from our company and network of experts.

Step 3: Project Initiation


We carry out field and online research efficiently and effectively based on the proposed approach. With collaborative capability development projects, we also carry out workshop, working group and/or meetings. The research and consultancy results are then analysed and synthesised for further discussion.

Step 4: Interim Report


We develop an interim report to provide the synthesised results and insights from Step 3. We carry out further discussion with you to dig deeper into your priorities. We improve the hypotheses as necessary. 

Step 5: Final Report


A final report is developed to provide recommendations and concluding outcomes from the project engagement. We carry out further discussion with you to determine next steps for action.

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